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      He tramped home through the darkness. A storm was rising, shaking the fir-plumes of Boarzell against a scudding background of clouds and stars. The hedges whispered, the dead leaves rustled, the woods sighed. Every now and then a bellow would come from the Moor, as the sou'wester roared up in a gust, then a low sobbing followed it into silence.

      Si saluted and took his position, facing the line, with a look of calm impartiality upon his face. Shorty turned around and backed up to him so that the calves of their legs touched, and began intently studying his gunlock.

      "Our maid she would a hunting go,

      "Today we are going to do the work together." Dodd heard his own voice: it was all perfectly automatic, there were no mistakes. "Do you understand?"


      The boys, too much awed for speech, clustered around Si and Shorty and cast anxious glances at their faces.


      Si nodded affirmatively.


      Bessie was as surprised as she was delighted to hear that he should suddenly have found a friend to lend him ten pounds"a feller called Tim Harman, lives[Pg 159] over at Rolvenden," said Robert in a perspiring effort to be convincing. However, it never struck her to doubt his word, and she put down to emotion and hard running all that seemed strange in her sweetheart's manner."And didn't I watch the crossing down there at the burnt bridge?" pleaded Jim Humphreys.